# Craft Field Setup

Article Editor is a field type just like any other. When adding a new field to your project, the field type "Article editor" is available. When selecting this type, you will get the settings for this field type.

Here you can choose which config to use (see Customize). Also you can select which volumes & transforms are available within the editor. If you click on Advanced, you can edit more advanced settings, such as a different HTML Purifier config.

# HTML Purifier Configs

Article Editor fields use HTML Purifier (opens new window) to ensure that no malicious code makes it into its field values, to prevent XSS attacks and other vulnerabilities.

You can create custom HTML Purifier configs that will be available to your Article fields. They should be created as JSON files in your config/htmlpurifier/ folder.

Copy Default.json (opens new window) as a starting point, which is the default config that Article fields use if no custom HTML Purifier config is selected.

See the HTML Purifier documentation (opens new window) for a list of available config options.

Last Updated: 3/12/2024, 3:08:26 PM