# Plugin Settings

When the plugin is successfully installed in your Craft CMS project, when you go to Settings in your control panel, you can see there is a settings page for "Article".

On this page it is possible to setup some basic settings for the Craft Article plugin. By default, the Use own CDN for serving Article assets is disabled. In that case, the javascript files needed for the editor are loaded through the Creativeorange (opens new window) CDN.

# Use your own CDN

If you purchased your own license for the Article Editor (opens new window), you can enable the setting Use own CDN for serving Article assets. In that case it is possible to set your own URL where to fetch the Article javascript files. Take in mind that the Craft Article plugin expect the files in the same directories as the original Article Editor folder structure.

# For example

With the setting Use own CDN for serving Article assets enabled, and the CDN location URL setting set to: https://my-own-cdn.com/article/ the following files will be tried to include (of course when more article plugins enabled, it will be more):